WINDOM Window Cleaning
Glass Restoration

Do you have damaged glass due to:

  • Pets
  • Hard Water Stains
  • Sprinklers
  • Building Runoff
  • Shower buildup
We can make it look new again! We offer a Glass Restoration Service that can return your damaged glass to its original condition. Rather than replace damaged or stained glass, we can restore it for you!

Cost Effective

You may have previously thought that damaged glass needed to be replaced or you had to live with it. Replacement is expensive, but now with our Glass Restoration Service you can restore your existing glass to its original condition - at a fraction of the cost. Now that will brighten your day!

How It's Done

We offer tried and proven methods that have worked on thousands of window panes! Our technicians are trained to recognize the source of the damage and select the best method for optimum results. One such method is a polishing medium that restores the glass to its original condition. We avoid the use of acid wash as it is not as effective nor as safe as our methods.